5/6/2014 - UPDATE

We have tentatively set Saturday, June 21st as the date for the re-schedule of the 2014 San Diego 500. 

We are still working to confirm a venue to hold the race. Once we have confirmed a venue, we will determine if the race times have to be changed to match the new location's hours. We will post more information as we know it.




4/26/2014 - Postponement


Overnight, we experienced a major wind and rain storm that damaged the canopy above the race area to a point that it is NOT safe for us to hold the race at this time.

THE 2014 SAN DIEGO 500 is POSTPONED until further notice.

We have a large amount of cleanup to do and we apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment this may cause.


We will mail letters to each of this years registered families once we have a plan to move forward.


Thank you for your understanding.

On Behalf of the entire San Diego 500 Race ,

Kevin Kasner