Ground Rules

 Ground Rules   

The Rules for the 2019 are shown below.  They are unchanged from 2018.

  1. Participants must be a registered and active Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos Cub Scout in the San Diego - Imperial council at the time of their Pack's Cub Scout race. Registration will be verified. A Webelos that has subsequently bridged may still represent his pack at the Scout Fair wearing his Cub uniform.

  2. One (1) Cub Scout will be selected by the Pack to represent the unit.

  3. All packs must submit their application to the Boy Scout Service Center via the online registration system (usually done by the Cubmaster) prior to the cutoff date (Two weeks before the Scout Fair) to compete. Packs who have not held their race prior to the cutoff date must submit an application listing car owner as "Racer Name not yet known." If you use this option, you must edit your online registration as soon as you know the racers name no less than 12 days before the Scout Fair to have the racers name on the certificate.

  4. Each participant will race his car on the day of the Scout Fair. In case of sickness or emergency the Pack may send a substitute racer and/or car.

  5. Only racers and San Diego 500 staff will be allowed in the racing area. Parents will be invited to join winning racers for awards.

  6. Heats may be rerun at the discretion of race officials (I.E.: fouled track, broken car etc.). Wheel or axle repair during the race may be done if the fix can be made in less than three minutes. Any trim or weight that falls off during the race may not be replaced. If a car jumps the lane guide or fouls the track the race will be rerun. If the same car interferes again, it will lose that heat.

  7. Unsportsmanlike conduct by any participant will be grounds for expulsion from the race area and elimination. (Participant includes family, parents, etc of the racer.)

  8. Finalists from each session will race at specified times to determine district winners. The district finalists will compete to determine the council winner. All races will be held on the day of the Scout Fair.

  9. There will be a first, second and third place award for both district and council winners.

  10. Willful cheating discovered during the check-in or race itself may be grounds for immediate disqualification. Some examples include the discovery of added weight or lubrication after check-in, or the use of illegal axles and wheels (especially when combined with attempt to circumvent the specifications using purchased wheels and axles that are sold online as "indistinguishable from Official BSA Wheels and Axles".)

Please help us keep this race fair for all Cub Scouts from across the Council by helping your son construct the best car he can, within the letter (and spirit) of the race rules, specifications, and guidelines.

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