#1) My son has a baseball game that morning, can you change our district to run after lunch?

Once the schedule has been posted, the times are final.  We try to rotate each year which districts go in the early morning, but ultimately the schedule is dictated by the number of registered racers in each district.

#2) Do we have to use the axle slots on the car kits?

So long as the new placement of the wheels does not violate any of the dimensional specifications (Length and ground clearance), the wheels may be relocated.

#3) How do I edit my registration with my racers information? (Or what happened to the John Doe registration?)

In an effort to reduce the amount of manual work that has to be performed by the race committee volunteers, we have changed the John Doe registration process to the "Edit your registration and give us the name that way" process.  We will have a walk-through posted for that soon.  The link for the walk through will be right here.

#4) You seem like a great group of volunteers and I'd love to join you and help out!

Wonderful!!  Send us an email and we'll get back to you.   ( info@sandiego500.org )