Update your Registration

Follow these steps to get a password to the registration system and update your pack's record:

(Steps below or get a pdf with screen shots here )

It seems like a lot of steps, but it’s really quick to update your record.

1)    Follow this link to begin 

2)    You will be taken to the SDIC website and presented with a log in box.  Click “Need Help Logging On?”
3)    Enter email address.  This MUST be the email address that received the confirmation email.  Then click "Continue". 

4)    The system will send you a new email with a link to reset your password.  Click the link and set a password on the account. 

5)    You will be logged in.  (your message may vary slightly from this one) Click Continue 

6)    Click View Detail to bring up the original registration: 

7)    Click Update to begin editing:  

8)    The system will warn you that you have to complete the checkout process for you changes to be saved.  
9)    Change the pack winner question from a NO to a YES and click continue. 

10)    Enter the winner’s information.  Mailing address is CRITICAL so we can contact them. 

11)    System will again remind you about checking out and saving your “purchase”.  Click continue 

12)    Click Checkout
13)    Click the Acknowledgement (in red) and finally click SAVE to be done.