Registration Closed. Schedule Posted!

Now that registration is closed, and we have counts for the number of racers in each district, the racing schedule for the 2015 San Diego 500 has been posted!  Letters will be mailed to the racers in the next few days.  

If you are a racer (or parent) and do not receive your letter by Monday, please contact us via email (see Contact us page on website for email address).

This year the fair was scheduled a week earlier than the previous few years, and we received several inquiries as to why we had to close registration so early...  We have always closed registration 2 - 3 weeks before the Scout Fair and the use of the online registration system has allowed us to accept changes up to 12 days before the race.  

Once registration closes, we have to generate the race schedule, generate the certificates that the racers receive at check-in, and prepare, fold, stuff and mail the 130+ letters officially inviting the racers to our event.  (*remember we are all volunteers...)