Pinewood Derby Season!

We've started dusting off our equipment and polishing everything to get ready for the 2016 San Diego 500!

We are currently reviewing our notes from last year to see if there are any rules clarifications needed for this years race.  If we determine that a rules change or clarification is necessary, we will post information here leading you to the rules section that was modified.

We have been hard at work the past year, and have a new timer system for the Time Machine track - we encourage every pack to have every cub scout bring their car to enter in the Time Machine race!  (Notes:  All the same rules as the '500' apply to the Time Machine except it's open to all.

That's right -  "The Time Machine" trophy race is open to EVERY Cub Scout from EVERY pack - if they built the car this year. 

Dad's - here's your chance to show off your car building skills - you won't be eligible for the trophy but you can see how your skills stack up against everyone else!  Again - the trophies (1st, 2nd, & 3rd) are only for the fastest Cub Scouts on the Time Machine track.