Save the Date!! - Saturday, June 21st

Saturday, June 21st, Location to be determined.   

Once we have confirmed a venue, we will determine if the race times have to be changed to match the new location's hours. 

We understand that this date may cause problems for some families, and we're truly sorry, but we had several constraints for picking the new date, and 6/21 is really the only option that was available to us.

  • We had to give our team enough time to conduct necessary repairs and evaluations of the equipment.  We experienced water damage and we are still assessing the impacts.  It appears that the main track sections are OK, but we are still evaluating all the electronics. 
  • The date for the Scout Fair is known each year far in advance and our volunteers plan for it and return to their normal lives afterwards...  Hosting the 500 is, frankly, a large amount of work by a dedicated group of volunteers who have other lives: two of our volunteers are getting married (we'd like to think it's because of the race, but we know otherwise),  one is off to see his son graduate from Air Force boot camp, one family is involved in running a major soccer tournament in their community.  These are just a few of the schedule constraints we had to schedule around.  
  • We need time to heal physically.  The events that occurred that night caused strains, pulled muscles, and other aches that we are still recovering from...

Thank you for understanding, and we hope you will be able to join us on June 21st!